Projects Most Likely to be Funded:

The Versacare Board is most likely to fund projects which demonstrate that the stated objectives will be accomplished with either Versacare’s grant funds alone or with committed matching funds. In other words, the more focused your project is and the more Versacare can be assured that the amount requested will allow the project to succeed, the more likely it is to be funded. In the event the project is to be completed in distinguishable and independent segments, each segment should be clearly described and identified.

Projects Most Likely to be Rejected:

Versacare Does Not Fund the Following:

  • Renovation or new construction projects, except for unusual circumstances in mission settings.
  • Computers, laptops or other IT projects, except as noted in the STEM grant category.
  • Mission trips sponsored by churches or schools.
  • Payment for housing.
  • Payment for the distribution of perishables and consumables. Note: Versacare may consider funding projects showing unique innovation in the delivery of such services.
  • Payment solely for an organization’s debt reduction.
  • Ongoing payment of salaries, except in very limited and unusual circumstances, where deemed essential to allow the project to become fully developed.
  • Requests that involve subgranting or regranting of Versacare funds.
  • Scholarships, except in unusual circumstances.

The Versacare Board will usually reject applications when doubt is present as to the benefit the applicant will achieve by the reduced grant amount Versacare is able to provide due to its own funding limitations.


These guidelines are provided due to the challenge the Versacare Board faces in the distribution of available funds. They are not intended to hinder applicants’ present or future proposed projects. Learn More