Beacon Light SDA Church

Life Skills Academy seeks to teach skills to at-risk members of the community that encourage a lifestyle of entrepreneurship/work as opposed to robbery, drugs and other violence. In addition, to the employment skills portion, the program teaches personal skills such as table etiquette, male and female attire. The program seeks to reach those in chemical and alcohol recovery with recovery groups, employment support, life coaching, mental health counseling and grief coaching. The program has put ten people through Maryland certified driver’s education.

The purpose of the BLSDA church is to help people grow holistically. We seek to help people through drug and alcohol addictions, recovery, life skills, job placements and spiritual health. The church is located near one of the most dangerous communities in Annapolis called Robinwood. The low income community is known for drug sales and gun violence, However, our church has been committed to helping individuals in the community in the various stages of their lives as we have connected them with police officers who help them in reentry programs. The drug dealers know the Pastor by name and are in weekly communication with her as she helps them accomplish work goals, business goals and depart from drug sales.

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