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Grants Awarded 2023


We are an independent foundation which has been serving Seventh-day Adventist ministries and a select few other humanitarian efforts with financial grants since 1990. We are a self-funded lay organization, and our board is comprised of both lay Adventists and present and former Adventist church employees, all committed to furthering the Kingdom of God and to restoring the “image of God” in those in need. We invite you to explore our website and read our history, learn about some of the wonderful programs we have supported and review our grant guidelines to learn if your organization qualifies for a Versafund grant.




It is the purpose of Versacare, Inc. to serve humanity by engaging in activities that will further the kingdom of God and restore the Image of God in man. We believe that this fidelity to the Gospel of Jesus urges us to emphasize human health and dignity and the search for knowledge.