General Questions

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible to submit a proposal for a grant?
Organizations based outside the U.S. are eligible for a grant.
Who is eligible to submit a Versacare Application?
Any organization that has been organized for at least two years and has a non-profit tax I.D. We primarily provide grants to Seventh-day Adventist organizations or supporting ministries of the SDA Church.
How do I submit a proposal?
Click on the Box marked APPLY HERE or Application on home page.
Where do I send Paper Applications?
We only accept electronic applications. If you have other back up documents that you want to send, use the Riverside office address listed at the bottom of each page of the Website.
What types of activities will grant funds cover?
Please click on GUIDELINES on the Home Page.
What is the total amount of Versafund Grants each year?
Annually, the total Grants provided are $1,000,000 – $1,600,000.
What is the range in size of Versacare grants?
$5,000 to $100,000
When do you accept proposals?
All Applications should be in our office by December 31. Grants are provided during March of the following year.