Catalyst Grant

Catalyst Grant

Please carefully read through our guidelines before submitting a grant application. If you are inexperienced at applying for grants, we also encourage you to review our Resources for Grant Writers before applying.

$2,500 to $10,000

The Catalyst Grant is Versacare Foundation’s smallest grant. It is designed to give programs and projects a financial boost as needed. It is also for applicants not accustomed to applying for grants who may find the information required by the typical grant application process daunting.

When applying for a Catalyst Grant, in addition to routine information like the organization’s name, primary contact person, website, and mailing address, the following types of information will be required:

  • Organization’s history and purpose (1500 characters, approx. 250 words)
  • Tax-exempt status
  • List of organization’s current board members*
  • Previous year’s financial statement*
  • Project description**
  • Project activities**
  • Project beneficiaries**
    • A description of your previous work with these beneficiaries**
    • Whether project beneficiaries are members of disadvantaged or underserved groups
  • Project income and expenses (itemized by category)

* May be submitted in Word or PDF format
** Limit of 1250 characters, approx. 200 words

About Budgets and Financial Statements

Budgets and financial statements are not an afterthought. Funding organizations like Versacare Foundation look at your financials as a window into your project planning, strategy, feasibility, and organization sustainability, and for these reasons review of your application may begin with your financial disclosures and not the merits of your project. Also, Versacare Foundation may review your financial statements to assess your financial health and to make inferences about your leadership and past decision making.

With the exception of the financial statements, which are file uploads, most of the information you provide in support of your request is typed into text boxes within the online application. Each text box allows for a set number of characters, including spaces. We recommend composing your responses ahead of time in Microsoft Word or another word processor that will allow you to check your character count as you go.