The Sonscreen Film Festival was created by the North American Division in 2002, as a forum to develop, nurture and support young Christian filmmakers. Sonscreen is a community that provides a safe and nurturing environment for student and professional filmmakers who have a passion for creating timely and relevant films that both entertain, raise social awareness, and serve as relevant outreach tools for the Adventist Church. We are the only Adventist Church organization that provides support to this vital group.

Sonscreen is the only event/forum/community of its kind in the Adventist World Church. It serves to support and nurture the talent of young filmmakers that often feel neglected by the Church. The members of our Sonscreen community range in age from 13 to seasoned professionals that at one time went attended Sonscreen as students. These young filmmakers have often felt they had no choice but to find support outside of the church. Sonscreen supports filmmaker whether they choose to work in the secular film industry, for the Church, or create their own supporting ministry. We just want these young creatives to feel loved and supported while their talents are nurtured.

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