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Big Lake Youth Camp

Big Lake Youth Camp

The vision of Big Lake Youth Camp is that people will experience a love so compelling that they will spend the rest of their lives pursuing its source. Historically, Abba’s Child has been a service to provide our community free of charge. To do this, we depend on individuals and granting agents to partner with us to make this a reality, and we are seeking partnerships to again allow us to empower and equip youth who have experienced great loss to succeed in their lives. Our goal is to provide grieving children with needed support in the midst of their loss and give them the needed tools and resources to continue processing their grief. We do this by: (1) seeking to provide life affirming hope and encouragement, (2) guiding children in finding answers to life’s most complex questions through accepting and affirming group interaction, (3) building confidence through participation in fun and challenging outdoor activities, (4) encouraging campers to develop a loving and trusting relationship with our Heavenly Father (Abba), (5) putting campers in contact with personnel at the Dougy Center or Christian grief counselors. It is vital to the longevity, health and viability of providing essential grief counseling to kids that have been through horrific loss. We have a team of staff and professional counselors that are trained and ready to partner with us.

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Since the summer or 2004 Big Lake Youth Camp has taken the lead in reaching out to children who have experienced death in their immediate family. The main goal is to provide children the support they need lo survive and process during this time of loss.